Quilt Details

Maker Alissa Alfonso

Location Hollywood, Florida

Date 2022

Detail images:

As climate change and invasive species create permanent negative impacts on our environments, creating memories of fading landscapes is meaningful. “My creations are a complex mix of emotions, memories and passions that preserve the natural world the way I enjoy seeing it,” fiber artist Alissa Alfonso says. “They highlight the beauty we can find in nature, without downplaying the devastation that we have and are causing.” Her work is “inspired by sculptural relief art, lucid puffy dreams and fading environments that cannot heal themselves”

In “Foreverglades,” Alfonso explores, among other issues, the 1.7 million acres of Everglades land that has been devastated by invasive species. In addition to impacts on plant life, most small mammals have been wiped out, according to National Wildlife Federation. The Everglades are home to over 2,000 species including 78 that are threatened or endangered. Climate change is a dangerous threat. 

While restoration efforts are ongoing, some landscapes will never be truly the same. 

Additional Quilt Information:

Materials Hand dyed textile waste, reused fiberfill, fiber stabilizer, thread

Dimensions 50” x 6” x 38”

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