Obsolescence: Landline

Quilt Details

Maker Millicent Kennedy

Location Chicago, IL

Date 2021

Detail images:

Since the invention of smartphones, we have been living through rapidly changing technological times. So many of our household objects are now obsolete. A single smartphone can replace a landline phone, computer, pencils, paper, postal mail, stamps, cameras, video cameras, iPods, CD players and CDs, watches, and so much more. What happens to all of these objects as they become useless to so many people? 

As objects lose their use value, they are generally thrown away. Many old electronics are difficult or impossible to recycle and it can be hard to envision a new way to use them or create a more sustainable system for outdated tech. 

By quilting unused and obsolete objects under transparent fabrics, creating a kind of burial shroud for an object that would otherwise languish in a landfill, the outdated technology quilted into Millicent Kennedy’s series is enshrined in a quilt — an object with a long and storied history that continues to be relevant.

Additional Quilt Information:

Materials Inoperable landline phone deconstructed, chiffon, linen, DMC Thread

Technique Hand quilting, trapunto quilting, stretched on wood

Dimensions 16 x 32 x 5 inches

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