Remnants of Memory

As time passes, memories become increasingly important to sustain. Quilts offer a unique place where memories can be creatively preserved in a tactile and warm way. 

Quilters can relive hugs and comfort through quilts made with a loved one’s clothes. The passing of time can be seen in our unique stitches. We mark important historical events through our designs and remember small moments through the stories we tell to our loved ones about the quilts that keep them warm. By making memories tangible, we create a physical space for thoughts to inhabit. We allow these memories to live longer than us and be passed down to future generations. 

While the stories, memories, and people connected to many quilts have been lost to time, we can be stewards of our memories by documenting each and every quilt we make. The memories we hold in our hearts of people, places, travel, or even quilting techniques and traditions, only last as long as we do. But with quilts, they can stand the test of time.

Quilt Details

Maker Youngmin Lee

Location Pleasanton, California

Date 2018

Detail images:

Additional Quilt Information:

Materials Vintage hand-woven cotton, ramie dyed in indigo, safflower, and fiber reactive dye

Technique Hand piecing inspired by Korean bojagi textiles

Dimensions 61″ x 63.5″

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